Performance 18 Golf Training

PERFORMANCE 18 Golf Fitness Training is a comprehensive program that focuses on improving mobility, flexibility and stability in the many areas relative to golf – in order to improve physical conditioning and ultimately your golf game.  Phase I in the training program includes a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) assessment consisting of 16 physical screens relative to the mechanics of the golf swing.  The TPI Screens quickly identify any physical limitations that may be causing swing inefficiencies and provide a blueprint or training plan of corrective exercise.  Knowing where your own structural weaknesses are and retraining the body for strength will improve joint mobility, and ultimately your overall game. 

Players will learn to engage the right muscles in the correct sequence to improve efficiency in the back swing and downswing. Through awareness and specific movement drills and repetition you will learn how to optimize your body for golf. And that means more mobility, rotational strength, club head speed, distance and accuracy for any golfer at any level.

Phase II in the Performance 18 program includes strength and power testing and builds on the foundation of training completed in Phase I.  In Phase II, the training program will focus on effective power and strength progressions to improve swing speed and ultimate distance